Happy Africa Day

Africa’s problem is self-sabotage. We gained independence and had a chance to develop our nations and people. But, we let neo-colonisation – as Nkrumah calls it – get in the way. We destroyed ourselves through coup d’etats for decades, and when we allowed democracy in, we sabotaged ourselves again with capitalism spearheaded by the WestContinue reading “Happy Africa Day”

The African revolution is coming like a thief in the night

It is hard to say Happy #AfricaDay because there is no unfettered happiness among the people. From the East to West, North to South, Africa is rich in resources but plagued by underdevelopment caused by bad leadership and corruption. The youth who can’t afford to emigrate stay behind and endure the curse of joblessness, hunger,Continue reading “The African revolution is coming like a thief in the night”