Somaliland is first in the world to use iris biometric voting system

There was a social media unfriendly election yesterday in Somaliland. The self-declared republic joined the tall list of African countries that blocked social media during elections. That was their way of dealing with fake news and rumours which they say may create instability in the country. The election was however technologically friendly as they becameContinue reading “Somaliland is first in the world to use iris biometric voting system”

Two African satellites launched into space in a week

We always hear about satellites being launched into space but hardly hear about African satellites. This is not the case anymore as South Africa’s first privately owned nanosatellite – nSight1 – was successfully launched into orbit from the International Space Station last week. This was followed by Ghana’s first satellite called GhanaSat1. It was developedContinue reading “Two African satellites launched into space in a week”

Ghana’s commitment to technological, astronomical advancement

In November last year on the Hi-Tech segment, we talked about some polytechnic students in Ghana’s second-largest city of Kumasi, who technologically altered car engines to run on electricity. In June, we broke the story about a Ghanaian university’s launch of the country’s first satellite into space. The technological achievements didn’t end there. Last week,Continue reading “Ghana’s commitment to technological, astronomical advancement”

Africa’s first drone testing air corridor in Malawi

Malawi is now the first country in Africa and one of the first in the world to have an air corridor, to test drones for humanitarian and developmental use. Also, More than one billion Yahoo accounts were hacked in August 2013. Yahoo said last week that the breach is different from the earlier theft ofContinue reading “Africa’s first drone testing air corridor in Malawi”