Poets’ Poet

Pan-Africanism, the root of his poetic journey;Sorting through life’s abundant milieu;To collect reasoning behind damning calamities;And present in a folkloric, balladic pieces;John was his name till he was fully conscious;Politically, radically and socially he conjures;Through the minds and bodies of the sojourned;To continue in the spirit of the big gems;The Singing Net; The Oath ofContinue reading “Poets’ Poet”


Series of warfare and imperialistic scare Never stopped him from shooting up to the cockpitNeither did the turbulence and mistWithdraw him from penetratingThe white-looking black raped virginOf immense riches and sweetnessLabored and not favoured to towThe repentant hoe as a wholeTo the fore of freedomFreedom to institute the defunct kingdom of black originAboriginal rights blurredContinue reading “Osagyefo”