The Junior Journalists and Communicators Club (J2C2) is a project designed for high school students in 2018 to offer them essential journalism and public speaking training that will transform them into change agents in their societies. The programme prepares them for careers in journalism by writing, reporting and broadcasting issues bordering the youth to the rest of the world via blogs, newspapers and other media channels.

Follow the performance of the Junior Journalists here. You can also follow the club’s activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Akwei Adventures

Akwei Adventures is a contemporary art, culture and tourism blog displaying the intricacies of Ghana and Africa’s beauty.

It was created in 2013 as 233today.com and later rebranded as Akwei Adventures in 2021.

Zongo Media Foundation

Zongo Media Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2019 to develop media and information literacy skills in young people from underserved Zongo communities.

Our mission is to build an understanding of the role of media in society, along with essential skills of inquiry, critical thinking, analysis, self-expression and creativity necessary for youth development and democratic inclusion.

Ghana Media Club

Ghana Media Club is a professional networking organisation for journalists and media practitioners in Ghana to find opportunities and be updated on the latest trends and inside information.

It was created by Ismail Akwei in 2022.