The African revolution is coming like a thief in the night

The Black Star on top of the Black Star Gate in Accra, Ghana

It is hard to say Happy #AfricaDay because there is no unfettered happiness among the people. From the East to West, North to South, Africa is rich in resources but plagued by underdevelopment caused by bad leadership and corruption.

The youth who can’t afford to emigrate stay behind and endure the curse of joblessness, hunger, high cost of living, poor health care system among other conditions. While enduring, those in authority continue to give hope as they take glory and comfort in the wealth of nations.

To whom much is given, much is expected but that doesn’t work with African leaders. They take, take and take for themselves and their generations. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Many propose the breakdown of the old order to make way for a working system. But they cringe and say they have more experience to share and they need more time. They hate to hear the word REVOLUTION. However, revolutions changed societies of the past like the French revolution, abolishing of slavery, end of the Jim Crow era, African independence struggle etc.

The catalysts of successful revolutions are formidable youthful organisations, a clear unapologetic objective, and a sacrificial spirit to break down the old order to make way for a new working system…NOT MILITARY INTERVENTIONS.

Like Nkrumah and the other independence fighters, I believe the youth are out of the continent to prepare for the revolution ahead. To solve Africa’s problems which are underlied by economic factors. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, but it will surely come like a thief in the night.

The old order needs to be torn apart to make way for the future we dream of. In our small corners and ways, let’s revolutionize the continent and get freedom from our old selves and independence from imperialists. Let’s emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and none but ourselves can free our minds. It’s about time! ✊ #AfricaDay2022

Published by Ismail Akwei

Ismail Akwei is an international journalist, digital media and communications professional, editor, writer, arts, culture and tourism advocate, human rights activist, pan-Africanist, tech enthusiast and history buff. He has worked with multinational media companies across Africa and has over a decade’s experience in journalism.

2 thoughts on “The African revolution is coming like a thief in the night

  1. Just as other revolutions, a restructuring of leadership with a common objective, redistribution of resources to focus on social service interventions, creation of an efficient social structure to improve the lives of the poor masses and then creating a working class to produce the basic needs of the state. This is a great start which the rich capitalists would not like.


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