Poets’ Poet

Pan-Africanism, the root of his poetic journey;Sorting through life’s abundant milieu;To collect reasoning behind damning calamities;And present in a folkloric, balladic pieces;John was his name till he was fully conscious;Politically, radically and socially he conjures;Through the minds and bodies of the sojourned;To continue in the spirit of the big gems;The Singing Net; The Oath ofContinue reading “Poets’ Poet”

The rise of Ghana Dancehall music ‘madness’ in the ghettos

Far from Trench Town, Rose Town and Denham Town in Kingston, Jamaica, Dancehall music has overwhelmed Nima, Maamobi, and Accra Newtown etc. in Accra, Ghana to become the most vibrant genre in the populous communities. Murals and initials of local stars and their support group painted on walls in alleys will greet any first timeContinue reading “The rise of Ghana Dancehall music ‘madness’ in the ghettos”

Art Attack on the streets of Accra; Chale Wote has come to stay

African Electronics, the theme for the 5th edition of the solitary street art festival in Africa, amalgamated art, music, dance and performances on the historic High Street of Accra from August 20 to 23, 2015. Four days in a row, activity after activity,  thousands of people trooped to the venue without any disappointment as graffitiContinue reading “Art Attack on the streets of Accra; Chale Wote has come to stay”