Starry Night

Stars shine to brighten the night;
From Walewale to Kokomlemle, the sky binding ties,
Perfectly! despite the lies in sight;
Little children enjoy games of the hour;
Even the taste of lemon that is sour;
Yet their parents end their insatiable desire;
To avoid the shadows of the men of fire;
Same night that brought forth little babies;
Turns to day for the dark-hearted cronies;
Destroying the nights of follies and lollies for the kiddies;
We miss the cool nights of the past;
Where the elderly held steadfast;
The culture of fables around the red warm fire;
Under the starry night from Walewale to Kokomlemle.

Published by Ismail Akwei

Ismail Akwei is an international journalist, digital media and communications professional, editor, writer, arts, culture and tourism advocate, human rights activist, pan-Africanist, tech enthusiast and history buff. He has worked with multinational media companies across Africa and has over a decade’s experience in journalism.

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