Freaky! some men are enlarging their balls with saline and air to lighten up parties

It was disgusting and very chilling to read the story of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo using chicken stock to get bubble butts.

An equally disgusting sexual practice of enlargement by men was published by Vice’s health website Tonic with the headline: “People Are Injecting Their Scrotums With Saline to Get Huge Balls”.

A quick read of the story wasn’t telling enough unless I tried a careful read to understand the foolishness of injecting saline or air into your balls to lighten up a party or for the purposes of being the heart of a party.

The writer – Grant Stoddard – had a lot of patience at the medical-themed play party he attended in a Brooklyn townhouse last fall where he saw a man lying on a table with a big scrotum the size of melons being filled up with saline using a thin tube connected to an IV bag.

“My date … and I watched for some time as the scrotum slowly and steadily increased in size. Terrified that the thing would at some point pop, I told her that I needed to be around the comparative safety and normalcy of the fuckpile beginning to form in the basement,” he wrote.

They call it the scrotal infusion or scrotal inflation which is temporal and lasts for about a day as the saline gets sucked into the body slowly.

“…for some, it’s about the sensations of pain, stretching, and increased weight. For others, it’s about the idea of supersizing oneself or someone else,” Stoddard spoke with sexuality and relationship therapist Dulcinea Pitagora about the fetish.

There are, however, some painful and deadly consequences including scrotal cellulitis and Fournier’s gangrene which are all infections that can destroy the testicles and kill the skin around it. Worse, the scrotum can explode.

The sexual fetish is widespread but little is known about it except that there are kits sold in some shops for its sake.

In Japan, there is a similar practice called the bagelhead which is made using infusion kits to inject saline into the forehead to get the shape of a bagel. Thank God it’s not actually out of Japan.

Stoddard reported that the appeal for the guy with the enlarged scrotum was for it to be “looked at, inspected, or even felt by other people.”

“Indeed, when I caught up with my date later that evening, she proudly reported that she was not only allowed to feel his expanded scrotum, she even managed to satisfy her overwhelming urge to lick his newly taut bag,” he adds.

But why go through all the trouble and danger to make others happy?

Let us know what you think about this madness in the comment section below.

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Published by Ismail Akwei

Ismail Akwei is an international journalist, digital media and communications professional, editor, writer, arts, culture and tourism advocate, human rights activist, pan-Africanist, tech enthusiast and history buff. He has worked with multinational media companies across Africa and has over a decade’s experience in journalism.

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