Botswana shuts down church of pastor who gifted 5-year-old daughter $125k Maserati

South African-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Botswana has shut down the church operations of self-styled Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri for breaking the country’s laws with his “miracle money” mechanism.

The “miracle money” is a term that refers to the unexplained appearance of money into bank accounts, handbags, and pockets of people “blessed” by the “men of God”.

Botswana Minister Edwin Batshu confirmed on Wednesday that Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church has been closed in the country for “continued violation of the law in terms of fake money,” reports local Malawian media Malawi24.

He called on all the churches including its home meetings to cease their operations.

South African-based Shepherd Bushiri’s freedom to enter Botswana was revoked last year when he was attending a conference in the country. He needs a visa to enter the country.

Reports say the church is appealing the decision.

Last month, controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri bought a new Maserati Levante luxury car for his daughter who was turning five on Christmas day.

The four-wheeled gift estimated to cost around $125,760 in South Africa sent chills down the spines of social media users who said it was wrong especially when members of his church cannot afford a three-square meal a day.

He lives a lavish lifestyle believed to be financed by his several churches spread across Africa. Besides the “miracle money”, Bushiri claims to have healing powers and can “walk on air”.

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