The Junior Journalists and Communicators Club (J2C2) is a project designed for junior high schoolers to offer them basic journalism and public speaking training that will transform them into change agents in their societies.

Communication is key to personal and national development, thus, J2C2 equips teenagers with the tools they need to present their problems as young adults to the nation for stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The club has been formed in junior high schools in Ghana in collaboration with the authorities. Interested students are taken through basic journalism and public speaking training by experienced journalists and communicators for a period of time, and then provided with various media and communication platforms to practice what they learn.

J2C2 introduces teenagers to the meaningful uses of social media including reporting, writing and broadcasting of news and information – like experienced journalists and communicators – to their peers and the nation as a whole.

The project also ensures that teenagers can nurture their public speaking talents to be able to fit into any communication career in the future.

The Junior Journalists and Communicators Club (J2C2) project is the brainchild of journalist Ismail Akwei who believes in empowering teenagers with communication skills to be able to utilize media tools for good.

Ismail Akwei is an international journalist (digital/ broadcast media), human rights advocate, Pan-Africanist, tech enthusiast and a lover of art and culture. He has worked with multinational media companies in three African countries and has over a decade’s experience in journalism.

Follow the performance of the Junior Journalists here. You can also follow the club’s activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.