Social Media Use In Ghana and Debate On Regulation

The social media usage in Ghana just as the world over is phenomenal, creating a lot of calls for regulation.

Recently an edited picture made rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp of the President of Ghana, John Mahama allegedly in a sexual position with a woman almost naked.

Some arrests were made but difficult to identify the originator of that libelous picture. Was it necessary to arrest those who clicked ‘share’ on the picture on Facebook even when they were expressing disgust to others about the picture?!

Facebook has features to regulate certain activities, and it takes time to get them to take action. How can the laws of the land be extended to people on the social media and how can they be apprehended?!

I think the nation needs a bureau for IT expects who would work tirelessly in creating a counter approach to the negatives of the situation and also prepare for incoming threats which are imminent as the country has had a share of that piece when an Argentine ship was docked at the Tema Harbour against some legal issues.

Government portals can and will be hacked thereby calling for intense development of a wing for national cyber protection and the supportive laws to deter criminal actions like impersonation, stalking and predatory using the social network sites. You could be a victim therefore prevention is better than cure.


Series of warfare and imperialistic scare
Never stopped him from shooting up to the cockpit
Neither did the turbulence and mist
Withdraw him from penetrating
The white-looking black raped virgin
Of immense riches and sweetness
Labored and not favoured to tow
The repentant hoe as a whole
To the fore of freedom
Freedom to institute the defunct kingdom of black origin
Aboriginal rights blurred the vision
Of the bright looking prodigy of the day
The quest for insight from the gem of posterity
Infected the greedy with the cancer of cynicism
Imperial cynicism turning malignant
Turning cronies into foes
Tactical cowardice drives him from grace to grace
Yes, grace!
They say: bricks and stones may break my bones
But words alone would break your soul!
Wisdom of emancipation from mental slavery
And from imperialism is what you bestow on us
Be black and proud.
Osagyefo….y3 da’ase